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07 Mar 2020
Innovation Is The Company

Innovation is the company's first productivity: Super Heat Conduction-Stainless Steel Floor Heating System

Modern medicine shows that the internal organs of the human body can only maintain normal physiological functions under the appropriate temperature conditions. When the outside world becomes cold, the body's functions are automatically adjusted. In order not to dissipate the heat in the body, blood from the hands and feet will return to maintain the temperature required by the internal organs.

When the temperature under the foot is low, the blood vessels in the foot contract and the blood backflow is blocked, which causes the blood circulation in the whole body to be unsmooth. Such a person will feel cold all over the body.

In recent years, due to the comfort and health characteristics of floor heating, families with requirements for quality of life have begun to install and make use of water floor heating. Water floor heating is a hidden project. It is not easy to check at ordinary times, and generally, there will be no problems, but if problems such as water leakage or no heat occur, later maintenance is very troublesome. Problems of traditional floor heating pipe materials (PE-RT) are:

  • Poor thermal conductivity.
  • Poor adaptability to high temperature.
  • Poor corrosion resistance of thermal cycle structure.
  • Short service life.
  • High probability of water leakage.
  • It is very easy to breed microorganisms to block the pipeline.

Advantages of stainless steel super thermal water heating

  • The thermal expansion coefficients of plastics and metals are different. In the case of interval heating, the joints between plastic pipes and copper are prone to loosen due to thermal expansion and contraction and water leakage.
  • The characteristics of the plastic material determine the low resistance to damage, and it is easy to have water leakage due to damage to the pipeline.
  • Coil distribution, if there is a problem, the whole room is scrapped.
  • Poor thermal conductivity, Plastic materials are light-transmissive and oxygen-permeable, which easily breed green algae and bacteria. In the later period, the thermal conductivity is getting worse and worse, blocking the water collector interface or solenoid valve.

PE-RT underfloor heating pipe main weakness:

The stainless steel superheat conduction-water floor heating pipe adopts S304 and S316L high-quality stainless steel materials, which is a high-efficiency heat energy conversion technology, and the heat conversion efficiency reaches 95% -98%. This technology originated in the 20th century and was first applied in the aerospace field. The "stainless steel superconducting energy tube" has learned and absorbed the principle of high-efficiency heat pipe technology, replacing the traditional water circulation heat transfer method. The heat pipe does not need to pass water, which has revolutionized the form of heat conduction. It changes the shortcomings of traditional water floor heating, such as high energy consumption, low thermal efficiency, short life, poor corrosion resistance and high probability of water leakage. Instant product with instant heat conduction, low-temperature start, and reduced energy consumption

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