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03 Apr 2020
What is the prospect of stainless steel pipes

What is the prospect of Stainless SteelPipes?

Water is the root of the product inventory of all things. However, compared with the high-quality domestic drinking water in developed countries in the west, the safety of drinking water in China's residents are worrying and has become a livelihood issue affecting the health of the Chinese people. There are 50 kinds of diseases such as digestive tract diseases, infectious diseases, stones, skin diseases and other diseases caused by drinking poor water quality, and the problem of improving the quality of drinking water for residents is imminent.

A survey shows that the water quality at the outlet of most waterworks in China meets the national drinking water quality standards. So, what caused the huge difference between domestic drinking water quality and Western developed countries?

Obviously, the problem lies in the domestic water supply pipeline. Because in the household water supply system, it is "live water" for own use, and "dead water" for not using it. Many households use water intermittently, mainly in the morning and evening, and there are more than 7 hours of water cut-off intervals. At this time, the water becomes "dead water". We call the family's water supply pipeline at this time the "pipe cecum". If the "pipe cecum" is a kind of pipe that easily pollutes the water source, pollution will be generated in large quantities, and "red water", "blue water", "smelly water", and "hidden water" will result.

Some people may ask, does this problem exist in the household water supply system in western developed countries? We found that household water pipes in developed countries are basically stainless steel pipes. Stainless steel material is a recognized health material that can be implanted in the human body. It has been widely used in food processing pipelines, so in the water pipe materials we have seen, it has excellent corrosion resistance, will not scale during long-term use, and the inner wall is as clean as new, which can protect home water.

In the United States, the water purification law passed by Congress in 1996 clearly stipulates that only stainless steel can be used as the metal material for drinking water treatment. Therefore, stainless steel water pipes are commonly used in urban and rural areas in the United States. In Japan, people have a strong sense of environmental protection. For example, from Tokyo to 2002, more than 85% of residents have spared no effort to dismantle the originally installed copper pipes and various plastic water pipes into stainless steel water pipes. In Germany, people's environmental and health awareness is generally strong, and more than 80% of the residents have installed stainless steel water pipes. In Switzerland, even large-diameter main water pipes buried under the road were replaced with stainless steel pipes.

In contrast, plastic pipes are still the most common in domestic household water supply pipes. Compared with stainless steel pipes, the biggest disadvantage of plastic pipes is that the expansion coefficient is too large, that is, the thermal expansion and contraction are too large, which is more than 15 times that of stainless steel pipes, which cannot be solved by plastic water pipes! This shortcoming actually determines that plastic is not suitable for use in water supply pipes. In layman's term, the plastic is cracked and its lifespan is greatly reduced. Moreover, the additives that must be added to the production of plastic tubes are plasticizers, antioxidants, etc.

Without any doubt, stainless steel pipes are essential to our world at large. We realise this as the top stainless-steel tubes, pipeline & fittings supplier in the USA offering high-quality, sustainable products that customers can rely on and built to last for years! Curious about how Rhinox manufactures its stainless steel products? Click here!

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