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04 Feb 2023
Double Press Fittings for Pipe Installations

It uses stainless steel’s hardness and the joints of pipe and pipe fittings are pressed on both ends for double protection. This technique uses an advanced O-type sealing ring that makes it hydraulically leak-proof.

The stainless steel claws provide tensile strength and hardness. Rhinox India is the name that has built unmatched goodwill for the best quality double press fittings made of premium quality stainless steel. You can check their website to know more details about the company's product range. Click here. Still, trying to figure out why to use steel double press fit pipe fittings? Here are its benefits: 1. Saves Time and Money

A lot of time and money gets wasted when we hire someone to do braze, solder, etc. But, a double press fitting is a fast process that’s also reliable and durable. 2. Mechanical and Leak Proof Joint This type of joint provides good mechanical resistance and is a strong and leakproof joint. Due to its ken components, it can be sued for a wide range of applications.

3. Withstands all Types of Pressure

By using the best practices for double press fittings, the right solutions, and materials, one can make fittings and joints that can withstand all types of pressure.

4. Durable Material The stainless steel (ss) pipe fittings and connectors outperform in terms of their efficiency. Also, provides hardness and tensile strength to the pipe fittings. 5. Smart Leak Detection

By adding a smart connect feature, one can quickly test the water tightness of the complete installation process. It can be known which joints are correctly pressed and also the ones that have unpressed fittings.

6. Easy Installation and Maintenance-Free The double press fitting system is easy to install and is generally maintenance-free after installation. Thus it saves a lot of time, and money as this method is versatile and more effective.

7. Job Safety and Accuracy This type of press fittings is stronger than the traditional techniques and there is also less risk of human errors during its installation. Plus, it increases job safety as no flames, heat, or mechanical work is done to complete its installation. There is also less mess that is created after the double pipe fittings pipe installation, making the job of workmen safe and less hazardous.

However, you must be convinced by now that why to use steel double press fit pipe fittings. So, go check more details about Rhinox India double press fittings that are considered the best in the market today.

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