Everyone likes stainless steel. Do you know the benefits of stainless steel pipes?

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21 Oct 2020

Among many water pipe materials, stainless steel material is a green and healthy metal material. Durable, its tube wall is thin, light weight, high strength, effective tube diameter is about 30% larger than metal tube.


The appearance is beautiful and the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, no rust, no scaling, large effective water flow, small resistance, corrosion resistance, energy saving and environmental protection. The pipeline connection is convenient and fast, saving time and labour, good sealing performance, easy maintenance, safe, hygienic and reliable.


1. High strength, good shock resistance, strong impact resistance, 3 times that of copper pipes, 8-10 times that of plastic water pipes.


2. High flow rate, can withstand the impact of high-speed water flow of 30 meters per second.


3. The coefficient of thermal expansion is low, which is 1/8 of that of plastic pipes. It has high temperature resistance, slow expansion and contraction, and is not easy to leak.


4. Strong corrosion resistance. After pickling and passivation, the inner and outer walls of the stainless steel tube produce an oxide film.


5. The light does not age, the molecules in the stainless steel pipe are closely arranged, the molecular weight is very small, and the phenomenon of aging and embrittlement will not occur when exposed to light and heat.


6. Hygiene and health, stainless steel material is a healthy material that can be implanted into the human body. The inner wall of the pipe is smooth, and it will not accumulate dirt and be easily contaminated by bacteria for long-term use. There is no need to worry about the impact of water quality, and it can prevent secondary pollution of water.


7. Durable, economical and practical, the service life of stainless steel water pipes can reach 100 years, and almost no maintenance is needed during the life cycle, avoiding the cost and trouble of pipe replacement, and benefiting for a lifetime.

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