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30 Oct 2021
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The versatile material stainless steel is made up of a steel alloy and a small percentage of chromium - the chromium contributes to the metal's corrosion resistance, a property that earned it its name. Stainless steel does not requires a lot of maintenance and is also oxidation resistant, and does not affect other metals when it comes in contact with them, so it is frequently used in piping and tubing manufacturing.
Drinking water is transmitted worldwide through millions of miles of pipelines. A corrosion-resistant pipeline must be able to resist the corrosion caused by water and soil chemistry, as well as treatment chemicals, to preserve the hygienic delivery of water. For most applications, stainless steel type 316 provides the corrosion resistance needed, at a competitive price compared to other piping materials. Whenever additional corrosion protection is required, such as in shore-line installations, duplex SS can be used to ensure the requirements of hygiene, cost, and service life.
A manufacturer of stainless steel press fittings, tubes, and other plumbing components, Rhinox products are rigorously inspected for quality. Rhinox's main priorities are the design, development, and production of flexible hoses and rigid pipe couplings made of stainless steel. . A broad range of end terminators is available for Rhinox’s 316L fittings and adaptors. Innovation and modern technology are used to develop high-quality products and services.

Why Stainless Steel?

High strength and durability

Stainless steel is alloys of iron and chromium and hence, acquires great strength and durability. Rhinox plumbing ensures that the products are highly durable and last longer than any other usual metal.

Corrosion resistance

The chromium oxide layer protects the stainless steel from getting corroded with moisture and getting exposed to air. Rhinox Stainless Steel is best suited for places with moisture content as the chromium layer protects from getting corroded.


Commercial establishments can benefit greatly from exposing stainless steel pipe & fittings as the material is naturally shiny & elegant


The advantages of stainless steel include durability, which will last for decades. Rhinox produces high-quality stainless steel products that are low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant. Rhinox provides cost-effective solutions that are easy to maintain.
So you see how thoughtful it will be to put up stainless steel pipelines in your household or for commercial work. The benefits you get are enormous and worth the value.

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