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09 Oct 2021
Stainless Steel Plumbing for high temperatures

Stainless steel is a metal alloy that includes chromium at a percentage of 11% or higher with other metals such as molybdenum and nickel. In the aerospace industry, stainless steel alloys are used in equipment such as steam turbines, boilers, pressure vessels, and piping systems. Since stainless steel alloys are highly corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant, they are ideal for certain applications.

Stainless steel press fittings are often used for corrosion resistance. In applications where high-temperature oxidation resistance is necessary, or even in applications where high-temperature strength is needed, stainless steels are most commonly used for their high-temperature properties.

As a general rule, the degree to which a material can resist distortion over a long period when exposed to a hot temperature is expressed in terms of creep strength. Stainless steels pipes made from austenitic materials are particularly suitable in this regard. Stainless steel water pipe also exhibits a high degree of corrosion resistance and chromium content, rendering it highly resistant to scaling at very high temperatures while improving its high-temperature resistance. The chromium content also affects scaling resistance as well as corrosion resistance.

If you want customized stainless steel press fittings & pipes , you can consult a professional at Rhinox USA, a stainless steel manufacturer.

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