24 Oct 2020


Stainless Steel Tubes, Pipelines & Fittings Giving Outstanding Resistance To Creep Deformation & Environment Contaminants.

  • By Rhinox
21 Oct 2020

Everyone likes stainless steel. Do you know the benefits of stainless steel pipes?

Convenient and Fast, Saving Time and Labour, Good Sealing Performance, Easy Maintenance, Safe, Hygienic and Reliable.

  • By Rhinox
13 Oct 2020

Fire Hazard Caused Because of Bad Piping Systems

Secure your walls with Solid & Sturdy connectivity of Stainless-Steel Pipelines, Tubes & Fittings.

  • By Rhinox
07 Oct 2020

Introduction of Piping Systems

The word plumbing is derived from the Latin for Lead, plumbum, as the first effective pipes used in the roman era were lead pipes.

  • By Rhinox
24 Sep 2020

Is your tap water "fresh"?

Compared with other water pipes, stainless steel water pipes are healthier and more environmentally friendly. It is scientifically proven that food-grade stainless steel materials will not scale and breed bacteria for a long time when immersed in water, without precipitation and zero pollution.

  • By Rhinox
04 Jun 2020

Control the trend control the future

Stainless Steel products are gaining popularity over time with Rhinox being one of the leading manufacturers of stainlesssteel tubes.

  • By Rhinox

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